Hand Laundry and Drycleaning
Hand finishing since 1929

Careful is the garment care specialist of choice in the GTA.

We have earned this reputation with superior care and attention to every item that comes into our possession. We take great care of your wardrobe. A courteous and informative staff forms the backbone of our operation. We all strive to provide a rewarding and pleasurable experience for our customer. We have two locations as well as pickup and delivery service in Toronto

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What makes us different?

There is not just one reason why Careful is different. We have advanced technology that allows us to list and store information about your garments including producing an invoice indicating the exact description of the item, such as colour, type of material, any remarks as to the incoming condition of the article (i.e. missing button, tears, etc.). This information is protected and is not accessible to the internet.

We tag your garments with a fabric fastener, rather than a staple (which can rust and stain the garment, or cause snags and tears). We secure the fastener in a place that will not damage the fabric (i.e. through a buttonhole, care label, tail of the garment, inside lining). We inspect your garments when checked in.

Our Cleaning is carefully controlled. We separate the loads placed in the machine into categories such as lights, darks, heavy and delicate. We do not cut short our drying cycles ensuring proper drying. There are never any solvent odours in the plant or the depots.

Our signature shirt service, extends the life of your shirts by properly washing and pressing your shirts. We do not shrink collars or cuffs. Your collars and cuffs are pre-spotted when required. All our shirts are hand-finished to give the shirt that "like new" appearance. French Cuffs are neatly and expertly folded. Shirt studs are used to hold the cuffs in place. Collar supports and collar stays are available. Broken buttons are replaced free of charge

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We strive to surpass our customers highest expectations.

If, at any time, you have a problem with your Careful service, we want to hear about it. You can email us using the form on the left. A compliment, a complaint, a request or a suggestion, they're all important to us.

You may also use this form to request Reduced Packaging for your pick-up or delivery orders. Your items will ship grouped into reusable, personalized garment bags with no tissue paper used for shaping.

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