Everything you always wanted to know about Dynamics CRM implementation

When your company first starts off you might think that handling information about you customers is not such a complicated issue. You and your employees will just remember everything or take notes. It does not take much time to realize how wrong this kind of approach is. You soon find out that managing and coordinating marketing, sales and customer service activities in the most efficient way may take a lot of time and effort if you fail to do it properly. And properly means professionally and systematically, so that all the necessary information about a given customer can be found quickly and easily allowing for your business to grow and operate smoothly. That is why implementing Dynamics CRM in your company is not just an option to consider. It is a must.

What is Dynamics CRM?

Customer relationship management focuses on supporting and coordinating business activities in the areas of marketing, sales and customer service. The idea behind software like Dynamics CRM is creating strong bonds with customers and building up their loyalty through efficient meeting their individual demands and needs. In order to do that, Dynamics CRM uses data and information taken from numerous sources, organizes them and gives the users access to practical and valuable data about customers, such as individual preferences or requirements when it comes to the services or products.


CRM software like Dynamics CRM implemented and used by a company’s employees allows to dramatically shorten the sales cycle, lower overhead costs, improve quality and pace of customer service as well as sale results and, last but not least, take care of loyalty towards the company or the brand. What is more, Dynamics CRM makes it possible to increase the company’s yield by organizing business processes in the best possible way. Thanks to automation of marketing, sales and customer service activities Dynamics CRM is certain to bring fast return on investment (ROI).


If you want to learn more about your customers, boost your marketing results and make your sales results soar, you should reach out for the possibilities offered by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM – a high quality system of customer relationship management. Event its standard version has numerous functionalities that help improve areas of sales, customer service and marketing. Dynamics CRM, however, is much more than that. It is a perfect platform for creating fresh solutions, adjusted completely to suit particular business needs. It can be extended easily and quickly by means of various wizards and well-developed control panel even if the user is not proficient in IT knowledge.

Dynamics CRM in sales processes

Microsoft Dynamics CRM system is a very handy and helpful tool helping your sales teams work faster and more efficiently. When implemented, Dynamics CRM allows to access in real time the customers’ data which translates into possibilities of identifying tie-in and associated sales opportunities and acting on them with no delay. Thanks to the fact that Dynamics CRM can be integrated with MS Office Outlook and Excel, the sales processes can be finalized even faster. Specialized sales force may use the tools offered by Dynamics CRM in numerous ways, improving various aspects of their work.

Success in sales very often depends on maintaining the right relationships with your customers. Even if you have thousands of them, it is important to make each and every one of your clients feel important, valued and unique for your organization. Such attitude leads to the customers’ satisfaction and builds up their loyalty. How to achieve it? The tools present in Dynamics CRM enable the sales teams to manage the relationship with your customers in four aspects:

  • it is possible to prepare a thorough and accurate analysis of the customer’s needs and demands,
  • it is possible to quickly and easily identify people making decisions regarding the sales,
  • fast conversion of potential clients into sales opportunities is possible,
  • it is possible to analyze potential customers.

In order to be successful, sales activities need to be carefully planned and managed. Only if handled in an ordered and systematic way will they bring desired results. Dynamics CRM offers solutions that make this process fairly simple and easy to tackle. First of all, thank to Dynamics CRM each and every contact with a given customer may be registered – from all the possible channels and during all stages of the sales process. This helps keep track of what kind of interaction took place, monitor the customer’s reactions and feedback and thus adjust the process to their particular needs. Dynamics CRM also allows to make the system more orientated on the aspect we need: client, action, products, sales opportunities – depending on the individual business needs of your customers.

However, it is not only your customers that you can analyze thanks to Dynamics CRM. The system’s tools let you as well take a closer look at your competition – it offers a 360 view on your competitors, which means you are more aware of what is currently happening on the market and can act accordingly to attract more clients to your organization.

Dynamics CRM also proves very helpful in the offer management. It can be utilized for creating all the necessary elements of an offer: price lists, product catalogues, product sets and discounts. Managing your offers becomes much simpler!

Automation of processes always results in higher efficiency, savings in time, effort and money. Sales processes are no exception in this respect. Dynamics CRM makes it possible to coordinate all the sales and marketing activities through one central system. It automatically consociates and assigns information and actions to sales opportunities which, in the end, helps boost sales figures. Salespeople using Dynamics CRM have possibility to analyze chances of successful sales by means of generated reports, charts and figures. What is more, Dynamics CRM makes it easy for the users to introduce data segmentation, and that in turn allows for quick identification of new sales opportunities on the basis of the existing clients.

If you want your sales to bring desired effects, you need to manage it in the best, most efficient way. In order to do so, a few aspects should be taken into consideration. First of all, you need to able to specify uniform sales processes for your whole company. That too, can be done easily by means of Dynamics CRM. Additionally, the system lets you close the transactions faster thanks to the function of following the most important information and transaction attributes.

Another important issue that plays an important role in every organization and should not be neglected is communication. Without effective communication it is not possible to plan and delegate tasks or keep everybody informed about the current state of affairs. Sales teams can only work efficiently if all people involved in the sales process have easy access to relevant information about the customer, can act upon it and add to it for the benefit of the whole organization. With such a system in place offers can be modified without too much hassle to suit best unique sales opportunities. Creating new and modifying the existing offers quickly enough to keep your customers satisfied is one of the key factors of successful business operations and Dynamics CRM has been built to meet this demand.

Dynamics CRM also simplifies the way offers are approved – whether it comes to simple or multilevel approval. As the process becomes automated, time, effort and money are saved. The system will also remind its users about important dates or events – it offers possibility to set alerts to make sure the user will not forget about significant dates, events or milestones in the sales process. To make things even more clear, Dynamics CRM offers possibilities to follow and analyze the income generated by means of detailed reports and sales panels.

The whole sales process can be easily analyzed with the use of reports and forecasts. Likewise, the sales pipeline can be analyzed and monitored carefully which helps achieve best sales results. What is more, Dynamics CRM has tools that make it possible to estimate the revenue in a very precise way. Individual and aggregate forecast are used to achieve that. Dynamics CRM users can also follow target revenues according to preferred criteria, like dates or financial periods. It is also important to see things globally and be able to compare sales targets with the actual sales results. Dynamics CRM will give you data concerning performance of the whole sales force, as well as particular sales teams or an individual salesperson. It will also let you identify the most important trends for the won and failed sales opportunities.

Dynamics CRM - Sii

Dynamics CRM in marketing processes

What do you need to prepare a successful marketing campaign? A great, fresh idea? A big budget? Enough time to plan the activities well? All of those are, obviously, important, but the first thing you need is information about your current and potential customers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to segment your clients according to chosen criteria: profitability, preferences or needs. This helps planning and running marketing activities orientated on strictly specified markets. Marketing specialists will find many useful tools that can be utilized in plenty of different ways to bring profit and positive results for the company.

First of all, Dynamics CRM is indispensable in the area of efficient data management. Data can be easily imported from other sources. What is important, the system checks the important data and detects any duplicated entries, so the users don’t need to worry about that or check the data by hand.

Another important area where Dynamics CRM proves to be a great help is proper orientating of marketing activities. With the help of the software you will quickly and effortlessly create precisely profiled lists of target groups and assign them to particular campaigns. You can also assign existing and/or potential customers to dynamic self-completing marketing list in accordance with specified criteria. One more handy feature od Dynamics CRM is the option of setting up different views – personalized or public in order to search data faster. Dynamics CRM users will also be happy with the possibility of exporting generated lists into different formats for bulk emailing or direct correspondence.

Marketing campaigns, as all other business activities, work best when they are carefully planned and managed. Dynamics CRM includes tools that allow you to keep full control over the campaigns. Users can plan and follow all the activities, tasks, budgets and details of particular marketing actions. Thanks to that, thorough analysis of the actions taken is possible. To save time you can create campaign templates and use them for new campaigns in the future. The same goes for marketing plans. Dynamics CRM also helps in overall improvement of processes and approvals of campaigns. Additionally, when planning costs of marketing campaigns, Dynamic CRM will prove a reliable and efficient tool – with its help you it is not only possible to estimate precisely the costs of planned campaigns, but also to settle costs of the finished ones.

One more advantage of Dynamics CRM is that the user do not miss the campaign’s milestones thanks to set up alerts and reminders. Following the most important marketing goals also becomes easier when the goal following function is put to use. The key figures are easier to follow and analyze thanks to the possibility of generating in-built reports.

Dynamics CRM is simply a great tool that makes running your company way easier and less time-consuming. Executing marketing campaigns – a complex operation as it is – can become a simpler and smoother process with Dynamics CRM in place. Marketing specialists in your organization may use it to initiate and distribute tasks within the campaign as well as to communicate. They will also love the idea of monitoring, controlling and managing all activities, events and details concerning the customers within one central system. Additionally, the feature of instant bulk mailings is also very user-friendly and deducts from the marketing teams’ workload.

Marketing team leaders will appreciate the option of delegating of marketing tasks and assigning potential customers to particular marketing teams or specialists. This can be done automatically or by hand, depending on the user’s preferences.

Another advantage of Dynamics CRM is the quick campaign creator – a tool that significantly simplifies the task of creating new campaigns.

Once the campaign is created and launched, the time comes to deal with responses from customers. Also in this respect Dynamics CRM proves to be marketing team’s best friend. The system intercepts and follows responds to all marketing campaigns. Thanks to that the users know which marketing channels are the most effective and bring in the best results. This kind of information can be compared with sales data to examine and analyze how efficient the given marketing campaign is and to react in time, e.g. by modifying certain aspects of the campaign. What is more, responses can be assigned to the best, most effective or best-qualified employees in order to monitor them and boost sales.

In-depth analysis of marketing campaigns – possible to run in Dynamics CRM – should never be neglected. It allows to prepare most suitable and thus efficient marketing actions, receiving greater number of responses and converting them into sales opportunities.

Dynamics CRM in customer service

In the more and more competing world of business customer service on the highest possible level is an absolute must. If you want your organization to be successful, you need to make sure that your clients feel not only serviced but also taken care of. Only then will they choose your product or service again. What steps should be taken to achieve that goal? Your teams need to react to any problems immediately and anticipate possible complications or difficulties to act in advance, before harm is done. And that is not all. Your clients want to experience high quality customer service at all times, whenever they decide to be in touch with your employees for whatever reason. Dynamics CRM helps your customer service team by arming them in very efficient tools.

With Dynamics CRM it is easy to manage customer relationship and the information about them collected in the system. Very simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface guarantees fast and easy access to the historical data of customers. Additionally, it is possible to create business associations between particular activities and units in the system. To make work processes even more efficient, you can create teams built up of competent users from different organizational units. All the customers’ business data and the history of relationship are easily accessible for them at any time. To make things even better, there are automatic notifications about any changes in the customers’ business data. Obviously, security issues have not been neglected and access to the clients’ database and other records is based on authorized roles and security blockades.

With Dynamics CRM customer service teams enjoy improved access to updated data. It is possible to view data from the lists and to create dynamic charts. Each user can personalize not only the way data is shown, but also the looks and functionalities of the navigation panel. What is more, users can also modify the in-built reports for their own convenience by means of the report wizard and thus analyze the data the way they choose. The analyses can be presented in real time on the adjusted navigation panels. Furthermore, users can import and export Excel sheets.

All the above mentioned functionalities of Dynamics CRM allow to react faster and more precisely to any issues that arise. The precision is feasible not only thanks to the easy access to full data about customers, but also by use of query windows initiated by scripts. Users can also manage particular cases in accordance with suitable teams, people and competences. As it is always good to act at your clients’ convenience, Dynamics CRM has an option of flexible cases management through various communications channels. The feature of quick conversion of emails and telephone conversations into cases will be welcomed by busy customer service specialists. Close cooperation and sharing of knowledge between teams and particular users prevents unnecessary repetition of actions.

Dynamics CRM is also a great tool to manage the knowledge database. The integrated repository increases probability of solving problems during the first contact. It offers an easy access to similar cases and solutions that can be concatenated with current cases.

Thanks to Dynamics CRM users can easily manage products, services and contracts with the customers. Creating new contracts for existing clients is simpler and less time-consuming. It is also much easier to plan services and resources to meet the customers’ demands and act efficiently. Particular tasks can be assigned to the most suitable teams or specialists. Communications between individual employees or whole teams is greatly supported by centralized calendar view. All the analysis and reports concerning the activities and resources used guarantee that everybody included are kept in the picture and can act accordingly.


It is difficult to imagine a 21st century company operating without a technologically advanced tool supporting the most vital business activities: sales, marketing and customer service. Dynamics CRM allows to manage the above mentioned aspects in a simple and intuitive way, helps save time and effort of the employees. One more advantage of the system is the fact, that it can easily be integrated with other Microsoft products like MS Outlook, MS Excel, Microsoft Office 360 and many mobile apps.